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Exemptions on operation of remotely piloted aircraft

A fixed fee for each issuance of permit of exemption is ISK 41.100. Furthermore, there is an hourly charge for time-consuming work due to complicated exemptions.
*Mandatory fields


Name of applicant / company 

Telephone number 
Name of pilot(s) / Accountable person 

Pilot's email 

Description of training and qualifications of the pilot 

Information on aircraft

Type/model of aircraft and manufacturer 
Serial number 
Maximum allowed Take Off Weight 
Type of engine(s) 
Number of engines 
CE marking (if no CE marking is available, specify country of manufacturing) 
Registration of aircraft if applicable 

Registration for exemption on:


Information on intended flight/project

Area of operation and maximum altitude 
Information on intended use 
If other, please specify 

Single or multiple flights within specific period applied for

Applying for 
Date of intended flight(s) 
Timeframe within intended date 
Period of flights applied for 

Supporting documents

Note: The application will not be processed until all of the following documents have been received by The Icelandic Transport Authority





Further information 

Other documents


Submit application

If confirmation number does not appear after submission of application form, then the application has not been received.

According to Regulation 990/2017, article 18 on the operation of remotely piloted aircraft, Icelandic Transport Authority can request a confirmation from owner or overseer of territory, police, air traffic control center or other relevant authorities, that intended flight is authorised on their behalf, before the exemption is authorised.

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